iReady Diagnostic Assessment #2 Jan 2021

iReady Diagnostic 2 Schedule

Virtual students test both subjects in one day according to the following schedule     

8:30 Reading          12:30 Math

We ask that our virtual students be picked up for lunch by their parent in between sessions as we do not have a separate lunch location in which to serve these students on campus. Thank you. If you have any questions, please call the school.

Thursday, 7th           5th Virtual     8:30 Reading     12:30 Math

                                  5th Brick & Mortar Reading

                                  1st  Brick & Mortar Reading


Friday, 8th                1st Virtual    8:30 Reading        12:30 Math

                                  5th Brick & Mortar Math

                                  1st Brick and Mortar Math


Monday, 11th         4th Virtual        8:30 Reading      12:30 Math

                                 4th Brick & Mortar Reading

                                 2nd Brick & Mortar Reading


Tuesday, 12th         2nd Virtual        8:30 Reading      12:30 Math

                                 4th Brick & Mortar Math

                                 2nd Brick & Mortar Math


Wednesday, 13th    3rd Virtual       8:30 Reading      12:30 Math

                                  3rd Brick & Mortar Reading

                                  K Brick &Mortar Reading


Thursday, 14th        K Virtual         8:30 Reading          12:30 Math

                                 3rd Brick & Mortar Math

                                 K Brick & Mortar Math